New "Super Sticky " Fencing Glove
The new "Super Sticky" glove by Triple Strength Inc. is the product of several years of research in fencing from three reknowned specialists in sports training: Edi Sera - former Italian Olympic Weight Lifting Coach, strength specialist and co-founder of Biofitness Center in New York City; Slava Grigoriev - 2-time Olympian in fencing, top fencing coach, and Head Coach of Fencing Academy of Westchester; and Arnold Tobin - inventor of Thinar technology, hand strength specialist, personal trainer, and former Winter Olympics contender. 

In its trials, 95% of fencers reported dramatic increases in both their grip and point control; two essential factors for fencers at any level.  Triple Strength Inc. has worked closely with fencers to make the necessary adjustments and additions in perfecting the product, and a retail version of the glove is now available! 

Please inquire at the front desk for additional details and ordering information.  Satisfaction guaranteed.

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